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BDC41CT -  Patria Federal -Kalychia Torneada
BDC41CT - Patria Federal -Kalychia Torneada
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wholesale yerba mate tea USA now a yerba mate wholesaler.

Mate cups, tea gourds, cuias, porongos ... and more!

Retail and Wholesale Yerba Mate Tea and Mate Cups, Kits

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Also: quantity purchase price breaks are now available on many items.

Yerba Mate, Ilex Paraguariensis, is a tea (...o.k.--a "tisane" really) loaded with vitamins and minerals. With yerba mate you can experience the great benefits of an herbal health supplement--and a coffee substitute--without all of the negative side-effects.

The benefits of yerba are many: it's lower in actual "caffeine" [sometimes called "theine," or "mateine"--a compound in the molecular class of "xanthines"] than regular tea and its unique composition is the best way to produce stimulation without many of the health risks or side-effects people are accustomed to with coffee or espresso. Tea drinking traditions in Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay, and Brazil have been taking advantage of these qualities for centuries. To drink yerba máte (pronounced yair-bah mAH-tay ) is to enjoy the health benefit of a tea with vitamins and antioxidants. Some drink it as a weight loss tea; others buy yerba mate for its more esoteric propiedades.

"Brewing" this green tea in a mate gourd with a straw--a drinking style originated by the native rainforest tribe: the Guarani--is the antioxidant South American equivalent to the greentea ceremony. The Guarani named this spiritual plant Caa'. Learn "what is yerba?", it's medicinal properties, la leyenda de yerba mate, and how to cebar (to pour and serve) a perfect mate or mate cocido (become el cebador perfecto!)--all here on our site!

You will find the best brands for matte lattes, cafes service, organic--as well as mate gourds, bombilla straws, and accessories! The Yerba Mate Tea Gourd doesn't spend much on advertising, repackaging, "branding" and advertising agencies. We are intrepid self-promoters who like to pass the low costs and bargain prices on to you: our esteemed clientele. "Free shipping" from those other guys just about breaks even with our everyday low prices on product and shipping combined. Tell your friends about us and we'll continue to pass savings along the old-fashioned way.

Oh... and if you're going to spell things funny--just don't put an accent on the "e" (é)... as in the end of the fictitious maté or yerba maté: it's simply not done--and makes a very messy meaning out of the word. I'd rather you spelled illegitimate things like (and we've seen them): matte, herba mata, yerbe mate, llerba, llerva, yerba matte, matee, jerba matta or erba mati, herba matte gords or gerba mati gorde, herbe mattas ghords, herba green tea, or calebasse for matta drinking. Other legitimate ways of spelling these things are: erva mate, or hierba mate. Enjoy!

This is the place for yerba mate tea and mate cups!
NOTE: Our offices will be closed from December 22nd to January 1st. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!

New Products For September
CBSé Limon  500gram
CBSé Limon 500gram
BDC40 - 10 Chanás
BDC40 - 10 Chanás
BDC 40CT -10 Chanas Torneada
BDC 40CT -10 Chanas Torneada
BDC40c- 10 Chanás Cincelada
BDC40c- 10 Chanás Cincelada
BDC41CT - 10  Patria Federal -Kalychia Torneada
BDC41CT - 10 Patria Federal -Kalychia Torneada
BGS-28 - 10 Vaimaca Perú
BGS-28 - 10 Vaimaca Perú
BGS-28C -10 Vaimaca Perú Cincelada
BGS-28C -10 Vaimaca Perú Cincelada
20 -MGL Grande with rim Marron
20 -MGL Grande with rim Marron
20 - MGL  Grande w rim  Negro
20 - MGL Grande w rim Negro
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